FAQ's for Stallholders

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive to setup my stall?

There will be people on the green from around 8am on the Saturday. 


How can I find out where my pitch is? (Before the Carnival)

We usually mark out the pitches on the Wednesday before the Carnival and while the general layout is pretty similar year after year the actual numbers can vary quite a bit depending on where we start and whether or not we have any new "features" we are trying out. After we have marked out the pitches then they are allocated to stalls, this usually takes place on the Thursday before the Carnival. 


Anytime from the Friday onwards the pitch allocated to the stall will be available, just contact stalls@arburycarnival.org and we can let you know (or call the Community Centre).


How can I find out where my pitch is? (On the Day)

On the Saturday morning when you arrive on site just speak to any of the Carnival organisers (we are in bright red tops) and we will be able to tell you where your pitch is.


Are there any restrictions on stall types?

We don't generally exercise any control over what you do on your stall (so long as it's legal!) but there are some exceptions. At the request of the police we don't allow BB Guns. On the booking form please make it clear any special requirements that you may have e.g. bringing a gazebo, parking space etc



All stall holders are responsible for removing all rubbish from their stall.  Large rubbish bins are available.


Our terms and conditions can be found on the booking forms.

If you have any further queries, please email us on stalls@arburycarnival.org