Carnival Meeting March 2019

A very productive morning at a pub for the committee this Saturday.
The Carlton Arms opened their doors to us and made us feel very welcome. Running on tea and coffee the committee updated each other of progress in their areas.

Stalls has around 40 booking so far, with some tasty treats and fun entertainment as can be expected at Arbury Carnival. However, there’s still room for more.

Logistics had lots of forms to fill in but has made progress with rubbish disposal, radios and first aid amongst other items.

The Arena team has a great line up this year. Alongside numerous regulars and a few new faces we can’t wait to see.

The Procession needs a few more groups but our team had some great suggestions of potential participants, so we’ll be following those ideas up.

Finance has been wading through the mountain of paperwork that comes with signatory changes alongside normal banking tasks.

The website updates look great but keep a lookout for more of them including in the ‘Frequently asked questions’ section. Team ‘Social media’ couldn’t attend but has a very exciting radio appearance lined up soon.

The most exciting discussion took place around the poster competition. We’re putting together a brief and will be sending it out very soon.

We can’t wait to see what people come up with. Also, don’t forget that the theme is Bedtime stories. We know not everyone is amazing at drawing, but we hope lots of people will dress up or decorate their stalls to really bring such a great theme to life on the day.

So, the message in March is, there’s still room and time to be a part of the Carnival with a stall, the procession, volunteering on the day or helping design the poster. Keep your eyes peeled for more news as it comes.