Welcome to the Arbury Carnival

This Year 2022 we will celebrate the ‘The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022

The Arbury Carnival will be on Saturday 11th June 2022, 12pm – 5pm Full Day event packed with fun…


The Arbury Carnival will be having an AGM shortly after this year’s Carnival.

The current Arbury Carnival Committee have been working hard to put on the carnival for a number of years, so its time for a change. We are looking for enthusiastic people who are willing to give a few hours per month up leading up to the carnival, as well as the carnival day, to carry on the committee’s work in putting on the carnival in future years.

If it’s the case that no one wants to become a committee member, then this year will be the final year of the carnival, of the present committee. 

If you are interested in making the carnival happen in the future, please email us on general@arburycarnival.org