How do I book a stall for the Arbury Carnival?

Simply complete the Booking enquiry form, and we will send you a booking form, which includes pricing information and terms and conditions.
We look forward to seeing you!

Are there any restrictions on stall types?

We don’t generally exercise any control over what you do on your stall (so long as it’s legal!) but there are some exceptions. At the request of the police we don’t allow BB Guns. And no alcohol may be sold. On the booking form please make it clear any special requirements that you may have e.g. bringing a gazebo, generator, parking space etc.

Can I sell food or beverages?

Yes. There will be some food trucks onsite and in addition many stall holders sell food and/or beverages. If you plan to provide food or beverages, please observe the following:
● You are responsible for safe handling and cooking of all food and beverages
● If you are cooking food in close proximity to the public you must provide appropriate barriers
● Do not sell drinks in glass containers or glass bottles
● No alcohol may be sold

** You must clearly identify all allergens, including information about how the produce was prepared. If you are uncertain about any allergen risk it is safest for all concerned to indicate that the product on sale may contain allergens.
Common allergens include milk, eggs, nuts, shellfish, wheat, soy, fish, celery & mustard (list is not comprehensive, provided here for guidance only)

How can I find out where my stall is located?

We finalize stall locations in the week leading up to the Carnival, to ensure we have the latest information from all our stall holders and other event details. We will inform you by email of your stall location on Thursday or Friday of that week, together with a site map. This will also be published on our website. If you have any specific requirements or desired location, please tell us at time of booking. On the day, our Event Staff can help you find your stall location.

What time should I arrive to setup my stall?

There will be people on the green from around 8am on the Saturday. The Carnival starts at 11am and all stallholders must be ready by this point.

All food Vans & stalls can arrive at the park earlier from 7am to start to set up.

Can I bring a vehicle onto the Park?

Vehicles are allowed on Arbury Park on the day of the Carnival before 10.30am and after 5pm. No vehicles are allowed on the Park during the Carnival without advance agreement with Arbury Carnival. You must drive with extreme care on Arbury Park, as there are children, bicycles and other unusual driving risks. Between these times, you can leave your car in the North Cambridge Academy school car park.


There is off site free parking at 3 main car parks, Please see parking map.(click this link)

  • North Cambridge Academy Car park,
  • Budges Car park
  • Arbury Town Park Car park
  • Street Parking around the side streets, (please give considerations to residents and be sensible and not block drive ways and cause obstructions.

How should I set up my stall?

Bring all equipment you need for your stall including gazebo, chairs, and tables and so on with you. Erect and maintain your stall in a safe manner for the duration of the event, and stay in the confines of the pitch you have hired. Make sure that all ropes, cables and other fixtures and fittings do not cause any potential hazard to the public.

Is electricity provided?

As the Carnival is held in a Park, electricity points are generally not available. Please contact us if you have specific requirements. You may bring a generator, provided you agree this with Arbury Carnival in advance and that it will not cause annoyance, to other stall holders (eg: fumes or noise levels). You may need to provide us with any safety documents for the use of your generator, and all generators can be inspected for safety. Arbury Carnival reserve the right to ask you to remove a generator that is causing problems for others.

What should I do at the end of the Carnival?

The Carnival finishes at 5pm. Pack away your stall as quickly as possible after this point and take home or dispose of all rubbish from your stall. Large rubbish bins are available. You may bring a vehicle back on to the Park to help with clearing away.

What happens if anything is lost or damaged?

All goods and personal belongings remain the responsibility of the stallholders. Arbury Carnival is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage. If you find that you have been a victim of theft or crime, report it to the nearest Police Officer or Events Team member. Your details will be taken and the matter will be dealt with appropriately.

What happens if there is bad weather or other reason to cancel the carnival?

Arbury Carnival continues in almost all weather, so bring appropriate clothing and equipment for your stall based on the forecast for the day. If an extreme event means we need to cancel the Carnival, we will notify you using the contact details you provide on your booking form.

Who should I contact in case of problems during the carnival?

There will be a number of Event Staff and volunteers on site, who are available to help with any problems or queries. All issues should be reported to a member of the Events Staff who can be found around the site or at the Information Point. We will have event T-shirts or other easily identifiable clothing.  Our contact mobile number is 07957 256807.

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